Thrust Ball Bearing

  • Bearing Type:Thrust Ball Bearing
  • Inner Diameter(id):0.5mm - 4000mm, Support Customized
  • Outer Diameter(od):0.5mm - 8000mm, Support Customized
  • Width/thickness(t):0.5mm - 5000mm, Support Customized
  • Origin Place:Wuxi or Dalian or Shandong , China
  • Delivery Scope:Europe, Asia, America, Africa, Oceania
  • Pack Solution:Single, Barrel, Paper Roll, Bulk
  • Global Payment:T/T, Paypal, L/C, Western Union
    Lotton thrust ball bearings can withstand high speed thrust load design, the ball rolling with a rolling groove of washer-like rings constituted. Since the cushion-shaped rings, therefore, Lotton thrust ball bearings are divided into flat seat type and self-aligning spherical seat of two types. In addition, such bearings can withstand axial load, but can not bear radial load.
    Lotton thrust ball bearing components:
    Lotton thrust ball bearings from the seat, shaft ring and ball cage assembly of three parts.
    And the shaft with the axis of said ring, and the shell with said seat.
    By the force of the sub-Lotton Lotton way thrust ball bearings and thrust ball bearings.
    Lotton-way thrust ball bearings can withstand axial load.
    Lotton-way thrust ball bearings can withstand axial load, wherein the shaft and the shaft with rings. Appear before the installation of seat spherical bearings with aligning properties, can reduce installation errors.
    Lotton thrust ball bearings can bear radial load, lower speed limit.
    1. equipped with one-way, two-way two types
    2. In order to allow the installation error, whether it is one-way or two-way, you can choose a spherical self-aligning spherical seat type or spherical seat type.
    3. High-quality steel - the use of bearing life extended up to 80 percent of the ultra-clean steel
    The high degree of grease technology - Lotton grease lubricant technology can extend the life and improve bearing performance
    5. The high-grade steel ball - quiet and smooth high-speed rotation
    6. Use of options in the ferrule, may allow the installation error.
    Lotton thrust ball bearings use:
    Applies only to withstand the side of the axial load, lower speed parts, such as crane hooks, vertical pumps, vertical centrifuge, jack, speed reducer and so on. Shaft bearing ring, seat ring and rolling elements are separated, you can dismantle respectively.
    Lotton thrust ball bearing assembly has two key points. One is the cage and the ball nip quality control, and the other is the rear bearing assembly nominal height T of control. In addition, since the shaft ring, seat ring can be separated, bring a management problem. Bearing parts is to prevent mix. M-type punch holder assembly flange using molds. After lamination requires rotating flexible ball in the hole pocket, but can not be detached from the pocket, and technical procedures to check the ball runout in the pocket hole. Solid cage deep imprint weight make small balls runout, and embossed with a raised portion to maintain the connecting frame is too small and lack the intensity, prone to the phenomenon out of the block, causing the cage scrapped. Small Lotton thrust ball bearing race ring and the shaft diameter size difference is small, there is no significant difference between two sets of groups. In order to prevent the phenomenon of mixed units, namely a set of bearings fitted into a set of circumstances occurred pottery sleepy all the races or both axes Circle. This need to take certain measures. Usually when the aid will be drawn together sets of auxiliary tooling ring, seat group distinction, or at a nominal sampling checks with an inner diameter of plug diameter size, in order to check the convenience diameter, height before the race put the following axis coiling above. If the inner diameter of the seat Court obvious quenching oxidative color or without grinding, there is no need to examine the inner diameter, it can obviously see the difference between the shaft due to race, easily mixed sets. Lotton thrust the ball bearing assembly required T for nominal height measurements confirm a hundred qualified. When measured by the height of the block or standard calibration, and to measure the load required to rotate dozens bearing, be sure to achieve the minimum height.
    When the Lotton thrust ball bearings operating at high speeds, the contact angle of the ball and raceway radial plane will be affected by centrifugal force, causing the relative slide the ball raceway. Adhesive wear caused by such sliding may damage the bearings. To prevent such damage, it must ensure that the minimum load Lotton thrust ball bearings subject, see Formula 1 or Formula 2, whichever is the greater of the calculated values. .
    Equation 1: Famin = K.n * n
    Equation 2: Famin = Coa / 1000
    Famin: minimum axial load (N)
    K: minimum axial load factor
    n: speed (per minute)
    Coa: Basic static load rating (N)
    Lotton-way thrust ball bearings can withstand the load in one direction only, if subjected to loads in both directions, you must use Lotton thrust ball bearings. Lotton thrust ball bearings must be applied to the minimum load or preload. When the axis perpendicular to the axis of weight generally exceeds the minimum load. At this time in the opposite direction due to the influence of external axial loads, this effect is possible to reduce the load.