Spherical Roller Bearing

  • Bearing Type:Spherical Roller Bearing
  • Inner Diameter(id):0.5mm - 4000mm, Support Customized
  • Outer Diameter(od):0.5mm - 8000mm, Support Customized
  • Width/thickness(t):0.5mm - 5000mm, Support Customized
  • Origin Place:Wuxi or Dalian or Shandong , China
  • Delivery Scope:Europe, Asia, America, Africa, Oceania
  • Pack Solution:Single, Barrel, Paper Roll, Bulk
  • Global Payment:T/T, Paypal, L/C, Western Union
    Basic parameters
    Lotton production Spherical roller bearings with two rollers, mainly bear radial load, but also can withstand axial load in either direction. A high radial load capacity, especially suitable for heavy loads or vibration, but can not bear the pure axial load. This kind of bearing outer ring raceway is spherical shape, so the good performance of its self-aligning, can compensate concentricity error.
    There are two symmetrical spherical roller, there is a common spherical outer ring raceway, the bearing inner ring with two axis tilt
     Angle of raceway, aligning with good performance, when the axis force bent or install a different heart is still bearing the normal use, transfer concentric with the bearing size range varies, generally aligning allowed 1 to 2.5 degree angle load bearing capacity of the larger type, in addition to radial loads but also under way outside the role of bearing axial load, with good impact resistance, in general, Lotton self-aligning roller bearings allowed working speed low.
    Lotton Spherical roller bearings under the roller-sectional shape into symmetrical spherical roller and spherical roller asymmetric two different structures, asymmetric Lotton-aligning roller bearings are early products, primarily for the host service, new When designing hosts are rarely chosen symmetrical Lotton-aligning roller bearings, the internal structure has been completely improved design and parameter optimization, and early production Lotton spherical roller bearings compared to withstand greater axial load, this lower operating temperature of the bearing, it can be adapted to the requirements of high speed, according to the inner ring without ribs and used by the holder of the characteristics can be divided into two kinds of C-type and CA, C-type bearings are no inner block side and the use of steel stamping cage, CA-type Lotton bearing characteristics compared to both sides of the inner wall and the use of the car solid cage. In order to improve the bearing lubrication, providing Lotton aligning outer ring with annular groove and three hole roller bearings to the user, to bearing post code / W33 reprLottonntation. Lotton aligning according to user requirements can also be supplied with inner hole of roller bearings, in order to facilitate customer handling and replacement bearings, but also provide Lotton aligning bore tapered roller bearings, tapered bore taper of 1 : 12, code-named K after that in order to meet specific user requirements are also available for the 1:30 taper bore bearings, then set code-named K30. Bearing bore tapered bearing locknuts are available mounted directly on the tapered journal can also use an adapter sleeve or withdrawal sleeve mounted on a cylindrical bearing journal. To ensure that the bearing at high speed centrifugation to prevent harmful slip between the raceway and roller bearings should bear a certain minimum radial load, estimated by the size of the press:
    Fr = 0.02C
    Fr - minimum radial load N
    The basic dynamic load rating C- bearing N
    Equivalent dynamic load
    P = Fr + Y1Fa when Fa / Fr e time
    P = 0.67Fr + Y2Fa when Fa / Fr e time
    P- dynamic equivalent load N
    Y1 Y2- axial dynamic load factor
    Equivalent static load
    P0 = Fr + Y0Fa
    P0- equivalent static load N
    Y0- axial static load factor
    Structure Classification
    Structure type
    Lotton Spherical roller bearings divided into: cylindrical bore, tapered bore.
     Tapered bore taper 1:12, respectively, the post code of the Lotton K-aligning roller bearings (type 153000 or 113000 type) and the 1:30 post code-named K30 Lotton-aligning roller bearings. Such bearings and shaft with a conical inner ring can be adjusted along the axial movement of the bearing radial clearance.
    Post code
    The post code is K, tapered bore Lotton K30 aligning roller bearings, mounted on an adapter sleeve to match, it becomes post code-named K + H type and K30 + H-type bearings. Such bearings can be mounted on the optical axis of the shaft shoulder does not apply to the installation and removal of bearings require frequent occasions. In order to improve the lubrication performance of the bearing in the bearing outer ring tank car and three drill hole uniformly distributed, then set code-named W33.
    Use application
     Mainly used to maintain frame: sheet steel reinforced cage (suffix E, domestic rarely). Sheet steel type cage (suffix CC), glass fiber reinforced polyamide 66 cage (suffix TVPB), two machined brass cages (suffix MB). Integral machined brass cages (suffix CA), vibration occasions sheet steel cage (suffix JPA). Vibration occasion brass cage (suffix EMA). The same structure, code or have different bearings.
    Main uses: papermaking machinery, deceleration devices, railway vehicles axles, rolling mill gear box housings, rolling mill rolls, crushers, vibrating screen, printing machinery, woodworking machinery, various types of industrial gear, vertical seat belt aligning bearings .
    Lotton Spherical roller bearings have two raceways in the inner and raceways between spherical outer ring, fitted with a drum-shaped roller bearings. Outer ring raceway curvature center and bearing center line, and therefore have a self-aligning ball bearing with the same self-aligning feature. In the shaft, deflection occurs when the shell can be automatically adjusted load and axial load in two directions. Radial load capacity, suitable for a heavy load, impact load conditions. Inner diameter is tapered bore bearings can be installed directly. Or use the adapter sleeve, remove tube installed in the cylinder axis. Cage with steel stamping cage, forming polyamide cage and copper alloy machined cage.
    For self-aligning bearing, in the bearing into the housing bore when the take-up shaft, the use of an intermediate mounting ring prevents the outer ring tilt and rotation. It should be remembered that some sizes of self-aligning ball bearing ball protruding from the side of the bearing, so the middle of the mounting ring should be recessed to prevent damage to the ball. A large number of bearings are generally used mechanical or hydraulic pressure into the method for installation.
    For separable bearings, the inner ring and outer ring can be installed separately, thus simplifying the installation process, especially when the inner and outer rings are required especially interference fit. When the inner shaft has been installed in place of the outer ring of the bearing box load included, must pay attention to see whether the correct inner and outer ring of the bearing raceway to avoid scratching and rolling elements. If the cylindrical and needle roller bearing inner ring without flange or side wall of the inner ring flanges, we recommend using the mounting sleeve. The outer diameter of the sleeve should be equal to the inner raceway diameter F, standard machining tolerances should d10. Needle roller bearings is best to use a mandrel installation.
    For Lotton spherical roller bearings mounted axial clearance, the adjusting nut on the journal available, adjustment shims and bearing hole threads, or other methods spring preload adjustment. The size of the axial clearance, and bearing mounting arrangement when material from the bearing shaft and bearing between related, can be determined according to the working conditions. For high-load high-speed Lotton spherical roller bearings, when adjusting the clearance, must consider the impact of temperature on the axial clearance, clearance will reduce the amount of temperature rise caused by the estimate included, that is, axial clearance to appropriately adjust a little too big. For low speeds and withstand vibration bearings, should take no clearance installation, or preloaded installation. Its purpose is to enable Lotton spherical roller bearings and roller raceway produce good contact load is evenly distributed, preventing the rollers and raceways damaged by shock and vibration. After the adjustment, the size of the axial clearance with dial gauge testing. The method is first dial gauge fixed in the body or bearing housing, so that the dial gauge contacts against the smooth surface of the shaft, the shaft axially pushed around, is the biggest swing of the hands of the axial clearance value.
    Note issue
    Lotton aligning roller bearing preload is performed at room temperature, but in working condition, the system Microtensile temperature rise generated by the drive shaft bearing preload will change, therefore, preload settings, you This factor should be taken into account.
    It requires the ability to size, speed, Lotton aligning and other conditions set by the rational use of roller bearing preload to ensure the transmission of life. If the preload is too large, power consumption, and even lead to overheating. If the preload is too small, physical load, roll axis, under the effect of the gap between the outer ring, bouncing, running, transmission accuracy, in order to reduce noise increases, affecting the gear meshing, severely damaged, the teeth and bearings.
    Depending on the Lotton-aligning roller bearing assembly, such as: direct compression from the axially inner bearing inner ring of the bearing preload nut rotates inside and outside the ring, to eliminate the gap and achieve the purpose of bearing preload. Achieve common use: First, far more than the pre-installed bearings, nuts last, and then back to 1/4 turn. Assembling method, the advantage of this method is less investment, simple, practical, and consistent quality of the premise of tapered roller bearings, it can be used.
    1. The heating plate heating the bearing is placed at a temperature of 100 ℃ for a few minutes on a hot plate, this method is most simple, such as flipping a few of bearing the heat evenly, and the efficiency is high, the size of the Lotton Spherical Roller Bearings You can make this method.
    2. electric heating bearings placed in a heating furnace automatic temperature control within a closed, uniform heating, temperature control is accurate, fast heating, suitable for a number of heating many bearing applications.
    3. The induction heating method using an induction heater can quickly and reliably and cleanly Lotton spherical roller bearings is heated to the desired temperature, which is particularly suited to the tight fit of the inner case, since only the inner ring is heated, and outer heat rarely, so it can more easily installed in the shaft, but also easy to mount the housing bore.
    4. bulb heating method using a heating bulb 50W Lotton-aligning roller bearings can ensure the heating temperature is about 100 ℃, smaller bearings can be placed directly on the bulb, the larger the bearing can be placed within the bulb cover tapered cone dome lamp can prevent heat loss and heat evenly tapered hood can be adjusted under position within a certain range can adapt to different sizes of heating bearings If the far-infrared light bulbs, attention should be under the direction of the bulb, so infrared radiation is not conducive the human eye can bulbs Energy saving light bulb heating method is suitable for a small number of rather often need; To bearing heating occasions, usually light bulbs but also for lighting, in addition to not need any other equipment.
    5. The heating oil tank which is used widely in traditional heating methods, from the bottom of the oil sump is located at 50 ~ 70mm metal mesh, bearing placed online, use the hook to lift large bearing bearing should not be placed directly on the bottom, to prevent contact with the groove bottom bearing parts of the local heating is too high, or the bottom sediment of dirt into the bearing oil sump heating note the following points should be good thermal stability using non-corrosive mineral oil, preferably transformer oil, oil and containers should clean sump capacity should be heated Lotton Spherical roller bearings size and oil may be, if the container is too small, in continuous operation, an oil temperature will quickly fall into the bearing, the effect on the poor.