Linear bearing

  • Bearing Type:Linear bearing
  • Inner Diameter(id):0.5mm - 4000mm, Support Customized
  • Outer Diameter(od):0.5mm - 8000mm, Support Customized
  • Width/thickness(t):0.5mm - 5000mm, Support Customized
  • Origin Place:Wuxi or Dalian or Shandong , China
  • Delivery Scope:Europe, Asia, America, Africa, Oceania
  • Pack Solution:Single, Barrel, Paper Roll, Bulk
  • Global Payment:T/T, Paypal, L/C, Western Union
    Lotton linear bearing is a low-cost production of linear motion system for unlimited travel in conjunction with the cylinder axis.
    Brief introduction
    Lotton linear bearing is a linear motion system for linear travel with the cylinder axis. Since carrying the ball point contact with the bearing housing, the ball rolling with a minimum of friction, therefore Lotton linear bearings have small friction, and relatively stable, with the bearing speed change, can achieve high sensitivity, high accuracy smooth linear motion. Lotton linear bearings consumption also has its limitations, the most important is the impact of load bearing capacity of the poor, and the carrying capacity is also poor, followed by Lotton linear bearings in high-speed motion vibration and noisy. Lotton linear bearings quick and easy selection have included gifted automation. Lotton linear bearings are widely used in sliding parts precision machine tools, textile machinery, food packaging machinery, printing machinery and other industrial machinery.
    Since carrying the ball in contact with the bearing point, so the use of small loads. Minimal friction ball rotation, which can get high-precision smooth movement.
    Plastic Lotton linear bearing is a self-lubricating properties of linear motion system, the biggest difference is with metal metal Lotton Lotton linear bearings linear bearing is rolling friction, is the point of contact between the bearing and the cylinder axis, so this is suitable for low load speed sports; and plastic Lotton linear bearings are sliding friction between the bearing surface contact with the cylinder axis, so this for high-load low-speed movement.
     Common Lotton linear bearings Featured
    Lotton linear bearings are used in conjunction with the quench straight shaft. For an infinite linear motion system. Ball and hardened shaft load because it is point contact, permissible load is small, but the linear motion, the minimum friction, high precision, fast movement.
     Plastic plastic Lotton Lotton linear bearings linear bearings with shaft no special requirements; can withstand greater load than the metal bearing, but because of the movement between the bearing and the shaft is sliding friction, so plastic Lotton linear bearings velocity subject to certain restrictions; resistance to movement than to a large metal Lotton linear bearings; but its low noise than metal Lotton linear motion bearings, especially at high speed in the case, with the rate on plastic Lotton noise linear bearings is very small. Plastic Lotton linear bearings due flute design its interior with, so allowing larger dust occasions, dust during exercise automatically from a chip out of the slot friction surface bearing body; plastic Lotton linear bearings also allows the use of the process of cleaning the internal slide membrane made of special materials can even be used in liquid long run.
    (1) standard type, clearance adjustment type Lotton linear bearings, linear bearings open type Lotton, extended Lotton linear bearings, linear bearings versatility Lotton
    (2) flange Lotton linear bearing can be divided into: Round Flange, Flange, oval flange, round flange-type guide, the guide Flange, oriented oval flange, round flange-type extension.
    According to specifications standard points:
    Divided into two series namely LM and LME series codenamed LM series for Asian, Southeast Asian countries, Japan, South Korea, China and so on. Metric dimensions as a standard, equipped with a linear axis diameter tolerance is generally h7. LME series of multi-used in Europe, the United States, Germany, Italy and other regions. With inch dimensions as the standard, there are metric sizes, is equipped with linear axis diameter tolerance is generally g6. Two series of structural features, in addition to different sizes, diameter tolerance is different, the structure is substantially the same.
    By shape points:
    1: Straight type (shaped like a cylinder, usually with retainer installation, installation dimensions for smaller occasions)
    2: Flange (end or middle mounting flange can be used for screw mounting, flange generally divided circular, square and trimming type three)
    3: open type (shaped like a straight, look axial slit, for applications requiring gap adjustment of the occasion, and the great opening and a small opening two kinds)
    By performance points:
    1: common type (general purpose performance requirements)
    2: Super-type (long-life and high load performance requirements of the occasion)
    Lotton linear bearings are more widely applied to electronic equipment, food machinery, packaging machinery, medical machinery, printing machinery, textile machinery, machinery, equipment, robotics, tools, machinery, machine tools, automotive and digital three-dimensional coordinate measuring equipment, precision equipment or special machinery industry are.
    Lotton linear bearings adjustable, the opening-bearing outer diameter measured before nicking, there will be some flexibility after nicking deformed, with clearance to be loaded into the bearing measurement (steel cage bearings, bearing KH similar situation). Adjust the direction of bearing clearance can be adjusted and bearing notched perpendicular to the direction in order to ensure uniform clearance, Lotton linear structural characteristics of bearing against rotation, but requires good orientation, so Lotton linear bearings generally two shafts + Four sets of bearings or two axes + two sets of elongated bearing is a combination, two shafts installed must be straight, after a whole and assembled by hand must be flexible without sliding block to install the drive mechanism, the drive power to be sufficient to overcome bearing friction, Lotton linear bearing friction is approximately one thousandth of the work load.
    Metal Lotton linear bearings conservation: lubrication and friction: Lotton linear bearings injection internal corrosion of oil, if lubricated with grease, first with kerosene or organic solvents remove anti-corrosion oil, then add the dried grease. (Recommended viscosity marked as N0.2 lithium soap grease in.) If oil lubricated, do not remove anti-corrosion oil, according to the temperature change can be used ISO viscosity grade oil VG15-100 shaft lubrication from a supply pipe to oil, or from outside of the hole to the oil bearing housing. Since the ring will scrape oil, oil lubrication NA non-porous with a ring bearing.
     Lotton Lotton linear bearings linear bearing plastic Conservation: As the plastic Lotton linear bearings inside the sliding film is a self-lubricating plastic, so it was no additional supply and maintenance during use; and because the plastic Lotton linear bearings with a row flutes, so even if the bearing or shaft filled with dust and need to maintain, dust automatically during movement from the chip out of the slot; only when the slide film wear failure directly replace the internal slide film can; Maintenance Very convenient.
    (1) linear motion bearings series decomposition of each part may cause dust to enter the system or degrade mounting accuracy of parts, do not decompose.
    (2) Linear Bushings falling or hitting could cause damage, please note. When the product is under attack, not even if the outside is damaged, the function can still
    Can be damaged, please take note.
    (1) Thoroughly remove anti-rust oil and feed lubricant before using.
    (2) Do not mix lubricants of different physical properties to use.
    Linear guide bearing
    Metal ridges or grooves or other materials can withstand, fixed, mobile device or boot device and a device which reduce friction.
    Longitudinal grooves or ridges on the guide surface for guiding the fixed machine parts, special equipment, and other equipment. Guide in our daily lives applications are very common, such as the specific application slippery worse, train tracks, and so are the rail sliding door.