Insert Bearing

  • Bearing Type:Insert Bearing
  • Inner Diameter(id):0.5mm - 4000mm, Support Customized
  • Outer Diameter(od):0.5mm - 8000mm, Support Customized
  • Width/thickness(t):0.5mm - 5000mm, Support Customized
  • Origin Place:Wuxi or Dalian or Shandong , China
  • Delivery Scope:Europe, Asia, America, Africa, Oceania
  • Pack Solution:Single, Barrel, Paper Roll, Bulk
  • Global Payment:T/T, Paypal, L/C, Western Union
    Lotton spherical ball bearings is actually a variant of deep groove ball bearings, is characterized by its outer diameter surface of the sphere, it can be equipped into play within corresponding concave spherical bearing self-aligning effect.
    Brief introduction
    Although its basic performance and deep groove ball bearings should be similar, but because most of the bearings used in the rough mechanical, the installation location is not precise enough, the axis of the shaft and housing bore neutral difference, or the long axis deflection like the case of large and precision bearing itself is not high enough, some structure is relatively coarse, so the actual performance of the performance of the same size deep groove ball bearings play on a considerable discount. For example: Lotton spherical ball bearings with the top wire used in large stiffness difference through shaft deflection, this bearing both sides with a ring, to tight to prevent dirt intrusion, already loaded in the factory.
    Spherical Bearings right amount of lubricant before installation without cleaning, no additional lubricant, the top end of wire protruding screws on the bearing inner ring on the shaft when tightened. Permissible axial load should not exceed 20% of the dynamic load rating.
    Lotton with eccentric sleeve, spherical ball bearings and spherical bearing performance with the top wire of the same, but not in the top wire on the inner ring, but in the eccentric sleeve. Lotton bore tapered bore spherical ball bearing with 1:12 tapered bore taper, can be installed directly on the tapered shaft, or by means of adapter bushing mounted on the optical axis without shaft shoulder, and fine-tune the bearing clearance .
    Spherical bearings priority for applications that require simple equipment and spare parts occasions, such as for agricultural machinery, transportation systems or construction machinery.
    Mainly used to bear radial load mainly radial and axial load, generally should not alone bear the axial load, you can install such a bearing inner ring (with the whole group of roller and cage) and the outer ring. This kind of bearing tilt axis relative to housing is not allowed, under the radial load appointments will produce additional axial force. This kind of bearing axial clearance of the size of the bearing can work in it when the axial clearance is too small, the higher temperature; axial clearance is large, bearing easily damaged. Therefore, the installation and operation of special attention to adjust the bearing axial clearance, when necessary, per-loaded installation, in order to increase the rigidity of the bearing.
    Lotton band Block spherical ball bearings
    LNSERTED bearing is a bearing unit combining rolling bearing and bearing together. Most of the outer spherical bearings are made outer diameter sphere, installation and bearing bore together with a spherical structure forms, versatility and interchangeability.
    Meanwhile, in the design of such bearings also have some-Mind, easy to install, the sealing device has a dual structure, it can work in harsh environments. Bearing is generally used cast molding. Common seat has a vertical base (P), the square seat (F), Boss Square Block (FS), Boss round seat (FC), diamond-shaped seat (FL), the annular seat (C), slide seat, etc. ( T).
    Band spherical bearings into bearing core and bearing, bearing in mind is called plus bearing titles, such as set screws with spherical bearings UC205 with Vertical Block said UCP205. LNSERTED bearings because of strong interchangeability, bearing in mind the same specifications can freely assemble bearing in different shapes.
    Lotton Vertical Block spherical ball bearings
    Spherical Bearings with a square base
    Lotton seat with diamond spherical ball bearings
    Taiwan Lotton circular seat spherical ball bearings with a convex
    Lotton annular seat belt, spherical ball bearings
    Lotton seat with slider, spherical ball bearings
    Lotton seat belt suspended spherical ball bearings
    Lotton seat belt hanging spherical ball bearings
    Lotton diamond seat with adjustable spherical ball bearings
    With stamping Block spherical ball bearings Lotton
    Lotton with other seat spherical ball bearings
    390000 series of spherical bearings is the bearing inner ring and the shaft is fixed, the eccentric sleeve socket head cap screws securing the role played by the eccentric. In service, many machine hand will not dismantling the bearings, it is necessary to introduce the dismantling techniques and precautions 390000 series spherical bearings:
    1. First with a hex wrench to loosen the locking screw bearing eccentric sleeve, and then insert the cover with a small iron bar eccentric sleeve sink hole, going against the direction of the axis of rotation eccentric to play loose.
    2. Loosen the fixed bearing bolts. The bearing together with the bearing housing removed from the shaft. Note that before the demolition of the shaft end of the bearing. The other end of the shaft should be bearing bolts loose, do not avoid each other at both ends of the bearing strength and damage.
    1. To install the front axle bearings, you must unplug the jacket bearing a fixed pin, while the journal surface sanded smooth and clean, and coated with anti-rust and lubricating oil (allowing a slight rotation of the bearing on the shaft) at the journal office.
    2. In the housing and bearing with topcoat lubricants, the bearing into the bearing housing. Then the assembled bearing and housing along the shaft sleeve. Pushed to the desired position for installation.
    3. Fixed bearing bolts do not tighten, let the bearing housing can rotate in the bearing housing. Also installed the other end of the bearing and housing with a shaft, the shaft a few times, so that the bearing itself automatically after alignment position. Then bearing bolt well.
    4. Eccentric loading. First steps in the eccentric condoms bearing sleeve and hand direction along the axis of rotation and tighten. Then insert a small iron bar or the eccentric sleeve against the sink hole. Hand direction of rotation along the axis of the percussion hammer small iron bar. The eccentric sleeve securely installed, and finally locking socket head cap screws eccentric sleeve.
    Lotton spherical ball bearings and shaft in accordance with the methods of cooperation to points can be divided into three categories:
    First, with the top wire spherical ball bearing Lotton codename: UC200 Series (light series), UC300 series (heavy series), and deformation of the product UB (SB) 200 series, if the use of the environment to fit the smaller, usually selected UC200 series, otherwise choose UC300 series. Lotton is usually the top wire spherical ball bearings are two, its angle of 120, its feature is the cooperation with the shaft with the top wire to the top of the shaft, and then play a fixed effect, but its cooperation environmental needs is necessary for small-scale oscillation. This match Lotton spherical ball bearings throughout, widely used in textile machinery, ceramic machinery and other production occupations.
    Second, tapered, spherical ball bearings Lotton codename: UK200 series, UK300 series. Such Lotton spherical ball bearing diameter is 1:12 taper bore share, to cooperate with the adapter sleeve apply when used, the characteristics of such Lotton spherical ball bearing is: to accept Lotton than with the top wire spherical ball bearings greater load. Because of tight sets to work with the same type of inner diameter than with the top wire spherical ball bearings Lotton smaller, for example, with an inner diameter of the top wire spherical ball bearings UC209 Lotton is 45mm, diameter use therewith cooperation axis of 45mm, And if if Lotton replaced tapered, spherical ball bearings, it can only pick an inner diameter of 45mm of tight sets, and tapered Lotton cooperation with 45mm adapter sleeve outer spherical ball bearings only UK210 (of course if fit more UK310 high, then be able to pick a). Thus, UK210 acceptable fit when you want to make larger than the UC209 more.
    Third, with the eccentric outer spherical ball bearing Lotton codename: UEL200 series, UEL300 series, SA200 Series. Such Lotton spherical ball bearings on one end of the primary characteristics of the eccentric bearing a certain degree, with the same degree of pain, migraine pain, migraine sets its cooperation. Such bearings can also be said to be bearing, first and foremost because of its use in agricultural machinery (harvesters, straw machine, thresher, etc.), these Lotton spherical ball bearings used in the first match on the strong beat layout, partial Cooperation pain layout can be useful to cut the strong beat.