Who We Are?

WUXI LOTTON was founded in 2001,
 the registered capital of 960000 US 
dollars , since 2001,WUXI LOTTON 
has accumulated nearly 12 years’ bearing 
innovation and production. During these
 years, LOTTON persist with "quality first, 
innovation win, service first" as purpose; 
"The pursuit of perfect quality, create first-class 
brand" as management policy, promoting 
the brand strategy.

Our Philoshopy

When the world economy crisis quietly, heavy blow around us, but we never give up, adhere to the quality of our products, adhere to our service attentive, no matter how hard the work is. We believe we can achieve. Because we have a clear goal and a strong desire to push forward with you and to transform into an endless wealth, like our products - bearing, we created, and use it to go to the world. .

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Add:No. 198 Minfeng Road, Beitang
District,Wuxi,Jiangsu Province,China
Contact:Mr.Ge 15251628777
Tel: +86-510-88232720
Fax: +86-510-88231994

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Lotton Company

    Wuxi LOTTON Bearing Manufacturing Co., Ltd. “LOTTON” is our 
brand and logo, the logo “LOTTON” means to open the door 
of the world. WUXI LOTTON was founded in 2001, the registered 
capital  of 960000 US dollars , since 2001, WUXI LOTTON has 
accumulated nearly 12 years’ bearing innovation and production.
 During these years, LOTTON persist with "quality first, innovation
 win, service first" as purpose; "The pursuit of perfect quality, 
create first-class brand" as management policy, promoting the brand 
strategy, Our company WUXI LOTTON is located in the most beautiful 
place in China - WUXI. And it is close to  Shanghai, so that it is convenient
 for our clients to visit our company. Lotton mainly producing all kinds of
 roller bearings, such as spherical roller bearing for CC, CA type,
 MB type. Also we have the foreign technology, such as E, and E1 type 
Our company has 100 workers, in order to promote technical, we invite some German and Japanese engineers, making our all production to 
use the high technology, and improving the quality day by day. And we have the  high precision production equipment, for producing the bearings
 that can replace the world famous brand bearings in order to meet the clients’great demands.
In 2011, the 10th anniversary of LOTTON, we built  a factory in Wafangdian,specializing in the production of large size bearing.
After 12 years of efforts, our spherical roller bearings, ball bearings and auto bearings are export to southeast Asia, Europe, South America, North America, Africa.  We provide OEM service and establish long term business relations with some international well-known enterprises, and the cooperation become better and better.  
We take the GPIS management system, strict quality management system and Superior equipment .and our workers make us become stronger 
and stronger in the bearings fields.
We believe that our high quality products will be satisfied with more and more customers. At the same time, we also welcome domestic and foreign customers to visit our factory. Hope we can develop long and lasting cooperation and friendship.


     LOTTON has branches in more than 130 countries and has about 40 major areas. LOTTON`s business is divided into three areas, two of which serve the industrial markets: they are strategic industries and regional sales and services, and the other business areas to support the automotive market.
Each business area is based on the entire life cycle of the customer's equipment assets, to provide a full range of products, services and solutions for the original equipment manufacturers and end users.
Our ultimate goal is to deliver all of the company's products, services and technology to customers, to provide them with innovative solutions to meet customer needs.

Lotton Brand

     Wuxi LOTTON  Bearing Manufacturing Co., Ltd. brand is LOTTON ,  the main push of the independent brand, LOTTON brand adhering the "customer first" service tenet, continuous development and  innovation,  our customers can be provided more simple, more efficient, more excellent quality products, and 100% to ensure the quality of its products,  LOTTON diversified services would meet the customer demand . LOTTON  give the most advantages of the cooperative partnership, no matter what resources you have, or personal connections, are welcome to join the ranks of LOTTON partners, without the burden of any fee, you can start without the ceiling. LOTTON is definitely your best choice!

with innovative solutions.
sp;quality, create first-class 
brand" as management policy, promoting 
the brand strategy.

Lotton Commitment

     LOTTON's success thanks to the employee's effort. They are the key to continuous innovation, development and the ultimate realization of the knowledge and  LOTTON equipment.
Therefore, each LOTTON employees, whether to fulfill what functions, occupying the position of what, living in which countries, are an integral part of the global family members, a common commitment to our tradition of a century in the accumulation of knowledge engineering, and in the next 100 years and even as far away as the future continue to flourish.
LOTTON employees understand that in order to this commitment we need to take a major responsibility. We must continually strive to meet the high standards required by customers, shareholders and colleagues. In addition, the clear goal of becoming a good corporate citizen also requires the greatest degree of respect for sustainable development and community with our work and life.
In order to ensure that the enterprise staff has always been concerned about and clearly know how to take the responsibility, SKF prepared a manual LOTTON commitment  , the contents are as follows;
- vision and mission
- Faith
- push elements
- Code of conduct
These  basic principles define the essence of LOTTON enterprise culture. These principles can tell us who we are, who on behalf of, and through the SKF team cooperation and opening up the spirit of cohesion. These principles allow us to understand how the business is most important, these principles can help us to stimulate the imagination, and  point out the direction of our future vision.

Lotton Quality

     LOTTON always adhere to the selection of the most high-quality raw materials, strict quality control system, the precision machining equipment and measuring instruments, through advanced product design and first-class manufacturing technology, to provide professional knowledge and application services and overall solutions for customers.
We selected the raw material suppliers,The top domestic raw material supplier is subject to strict supplier approval procedures and the purchase inspection procedures to supply, to ensure the consistency of our product quality.Our raw materials are in line with national industry standards, raw material steel with high quality die cast steel.High purity molded bearing steel can improve bearing life, ensure high reliability bearings reduce client unpredictable down times. The Association for the quality of raw materials and parts, the company developed a strict standard operating procedures for incoming inspection documents, including the chemical composition of raw materials analysis, testing the level of times     microstructure and the Association of chemical analysis and other projects, the letter to ensure high-quality raw materials for the manufacture of  LOTTON.
Strict quality system
We are strict to control the quality of products, in many varieties, large quantities of continuous production, strict quality system is the most important guarantee for the stable  quality of product.  Since 2001,LOTTON has passed DNV ISO9001 quality management system certification, which is one of the bearing enterprise to get  the certification from abroad authoritative quality certification institutions.
The quality control process
Company through the advanced quality planning, from product design and development, raw materials procurement, storage, production, to the finished product inspection, packaging, shipping and other process, has the quality management system as a guarantee.
At the same time the company has its own physical and chemical laboratory, for each batch of materials into the factory to test and analysis, to ensure that each batch are high quality raw materials.
In the progress,LOTTON  introduced high precision  equipment, establishing econometric measure, to ensure that the process measurement accuracy.
Product traceability process
According to the system requirements, we set up  the most strict product quality trace ability system in the the domestic counterparts.  From the purchase of raw materials to  the finished product assembly, our company are tracking every orders’ production process  all-the-way, Operating instructions strictly , for first article, inspection testing, and record-keeping at the same time ensure that critical process parameters controlled during production processing.
bsp;and foreign customers to visit our factory. Hope we can develop long and lasting cooperation and friendship.

Lotton Event
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